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By | 2015-08-28

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The Story of Us, Felicity Everett

The Story of Us

Felicity Everett

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It is 1982 and Thatcher is in Downing Street, The Specials are in the charts and Brideshead Revisited is on the box, but the girls of Albacore Street are too busy chasing their dreams to notice. To Stella, the latest addition to the house, they are brainy, stylish, and oozing confidence, and for a while its all Film Soc and fabulousness; demos, parties and no-strings sex. Against a background of 1980s radicalism, Greenham Common and the Miner’s Strike, however, they are about to learn that ideals don’t always match up to reality. Damaged Nell pursues fame and fortune with disastrous consequences, while Vinnie, daughter of theatrical bluebloods, winds up pregnant on an East End estate. Maxine finds contentment living with another woman in Brighton, and after much heartache, has the child she has always wanted. Bridget and Stella move to London and stay close for a decade until an ill-judged affair shatters their friendship. Ten years on and they are juggling like mad, but dropping all the balls; their partners are straying, their daughters want boob jobs, and their cantankerous mothers just won’t go away. Living increasingly separate lives, the tie that binds them grows thinner. But an unexpected tragedy throws their dissatisfactions into stark perspective and is a chance to re-dedicate themselves to their friendship, their misdirected lives, their survival.


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  • The Story of Us

  • ISBN: 9780099553694
    Published: 15/03/2011
    Imprint: Arrow
    Extent: 352 pages