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Maralinga, Judy Nunn


Judy Nunn

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Judy Nunn’s gripping and thought-provoking bestseller. During the darkest days of the cold war, in a remote SA desert, the future of a nation is being decided…

Maralinga is the story of British Lieutenant Daniel Gardiner, who accepts a twelve-month posting to the wilds of South Australia on a promise of rapid promotion; Harold Dartleigh, Deputy Director of MI6 and his undercover operative Gideon Melbray; Australian Army Colonel Nick Stratton and the enigmatic Petraeus Mitchell, bushman and anthropologist. They all find themselves in a violent and unforgiving landscape, infected with the unique madness and excitement that only nuclear testing creates.

Maralinga is also a story of love; a love so strong that it draws the adventurous young English journalist Elizabeth Hoffmann halfway around the world in search of the truth.

And Maralinga is a story of heartbreak; heartbreak brought to the innocent First Australians who had walked their land unhindered for 40,000 years…


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  • Maralinga

  • ISBN: 9781864712513
    Published: 01/08/2011
    Imprint: Arrow Australia
    Extent: 608 pages