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Maasai, Carol Beckwith


Carol Beckwith

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The Maasai of Kenya have retained many of their ancient customs and preserved the traditional structure of their society to a remarkable extent. Mixing Carol Beckwith’s handsome colour photographs with a text by Maasai Tepilit Ole Saitoti, this beautiful book documents for the first time the story of people who still live much as they did thousands of years ago. It recounts their ancient legends, records their songs and prayers and reveals the rites of passage they undergo from childhood through initiation to adulthood and, finally, acknowledgement as a tribal elder. In her photographs, Carol Beckwith shows us the daily work of tending the herds and building the huts and kraals in which the Maasai live, the excitement of the warriors’ dances and games and the feasts and ceremonies in which the people come together. As both visual delight and ethnographic record, Maasai is a book to treasure.


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  • Maasai

  • ISBN: 9780002721639
    Published: 15/10/1991
    Imprint: Harvill Press