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Foe, J M Coetzee


J M Coetzee

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When Susan Barton is marooned on an island in the middle of the Atlantic she enters the world of two men. One is a mute negro called Friday; the other is Robinson Cruso.
The Island is a society already at work. Its rules are simple: survival, industry and order. Cruso is master and Friday is the slave. Susan watches the creation of a barren world – an architecture of stone terraces above bleak and empty beaches – and waits to be rescued.
Back in London, with Friday in tow as evidence of her strange adventure, she approaches the author Daniel Foe. But Foe is less interested in the history of the island than in the story if Susan herself, and battle lines are drawn between writer and subject. Sole witness to this contest, as he was to the mystery of Cruso’s island, is the silent Friday.


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  • Foe

  • ISBN: 9780436102981
    Published: 31/03/1997
    Imprint: Secker
    Extent: 160 pages