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By | 2015-08-24

Baby Brain download eBook (

Baby Brain, Andrea Paterson

Baby Brain

Andrea Paterson

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You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

When Andrea Paterson started to experience the Baby Brain phenomenon, it came as quite a shock to her. It was unlike Andrea to muddle her words so much, forget where she had parked the car and find her car keys nestled safe – if rather cold – next to the butter. She could have fought on through the frustration, but instead chose to find the humour in it.

One night Andrea shared a particular Baby Brain moment on Facebook and was startled to receive an avalanche of comments from girlfriends, most of whom had their own similar stories to tell. Spurred on by the support and realisation she was not alone in her experience, she set about creating a Facebook community appropriately called ‘Baby Brain Humour’ – a place where mums can enjoy the funny side of suffering from Baby Brain and share their own stories.

Now, the funniest anecdotes have been chosen and illustrated in this charming gift book that will make any mum who has had a scatty moment smile.


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  • Baby Brain

  • ISBN: 9780857987259
    Published: 01/04/2015
    Imprint: Bantam Australia
    Extent: 128 pages